DIY-ish extension tube

List of components:
- body cap
- plastic 90 mm long candle cylinder (truncated cone actually)
- glue for plastic (repair epoxy in my case)
- matte black spray paint
- black duct tape

First let me say something about the cylinder. As I already pointed out it's actually a truncated cone and was a lucky find that made the project a lot easier. The differences in diameter aren't that big; it's the perfect fit for the body cap on one end and my 50 mm lens inverted on the other.

Now build wise first thing that I did was having the bottom of the tube and a hole in the center of the cap milled out. Now these steps I did not do myself, hence the DIY-ish in the title. I rather preferred a person who had access to a lathe and experience do it for me.

Having the parts, the next steps are quite easy; first thing, as you probably already guest is gluing them together. After the glue has dried, the next thing is spraying the inside matte black so we avoid light reflections. All that is left now is wrapping the tube in tape, as a finish.

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