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Based on an advertising campaign that van Laack did in the beginning of the 70s with Marcel Broodthaers; the advert was published in Der Spiegel on March 22 1971.   

Broodthaers wears a van Laack luxury shirt and smokes a cigar. He looks suave and sophisticated as one would aspect in such an advert. The caption beneath the photograph enlightens us that, 'The Director of the Musée d'Art Moderne, Départament des Aigles, refused to wear the van Laack monocle.' On the advert  Broodthaers wrote: 'What should we think of the relations that link art, advertising and commerce? M.B. (the director).' By displaying the advert alongside catalogue covers  Broodthaers seems to suggest that this relations  are rather close, and that, whether in the form of catalogues or for a van Laack shirt, art/the artist is presented through advertising.  
 Marcel Broodthaers: strategy and dialogue by Deborah Schultz

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